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Raina in the News + Past and Future Events

Links to online versions of print and TV interviews as well as publications will be shown here. This is an example of SOME of the fun things Raina has gotten to do! For an up to date look at future events and projects Raina will have (not including birthday parties) please click here


March 2011
Raina was happy to have the opportunity to speak to her fellow classmates in the BEd program at MSVU about her experiences as a mermaid and her educational goals.
You can see the rest of the photos by clicking here
April 2011
  • Raina was interviewed by author Carolyn Turgeon known for such books as Mermaid , Rain Village, and Godmother the interview can be found by clicking here
  • Raina's image was shown at the 29-31 second mark during a news broadcast in New Zealand about a faulty spfx maker which can be viewed by clicking here
  • As seen in the image below Raina took part in the MSVU Children's Carnival you can see the rest of the photos by clicking here


May 2011
Raina took part as a model for Dr. Sketchy Halifax- a group that brings artists together in a non traditional setting to draw a non traditional model. Raina believes very strongly in the importance of the arts both for children and adults and had a wonderful time modeling for the talented artists.

Raina's photos of the event can be seen by clicking here

June 2011

This past June (2011) Raina took part in World Ocean's Day celebrations at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Raina spent the whole day speaking to children and students from ages 18 months- 15 years about their impact on the ocean, life as a mermaid, and reading!


Raina has children take a mermaid pledge to take care of their environmentPhotobucket
Raina talks to children about the megamouth shark in her book
The day was a huge success with children learning lots from local groups about their ocean. Raina create a news letter about it that can be found here and her photos from the event can be found here Raina was featured on the World Ocean's Day Website here a mermaid in a human Raina has been making efforts to get involved with local activism. This month she took part and photographed a protest against non-sustainable industrial salmon farming. You can read her news article about it here and see her photos from the protest here Photobucket

July 2011
Raina participated in the RBC Multicultural Festival Children's Pavilion performers. For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Raina was met outside the tent in her tail by many children who soon followed her inside to hear her presentation about mermaids around the world, diversity in ocean life, reading, sharks, and the environment. Photos can be seen here and here
Here's a video of Raina speaking:

Raina was interviewed by the Chronicle Herald you can read the article here

Raina was interviewed by CBC radio "Close to Home" Listen below

Raina took part in the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival and was featured in their parade and by Eastlink Television in a piece that will air in May

August 2011

Raina visited a camp for young adults with special needs

September 2011
Raina participated in several birthday parties, photoshoots, and private appearances.

October-December 2011:

Raina once again spoke to two first year Education classes about education outside the box!

Raina's work with Mark Anthony Ramsay Photography was on display at the MSVU Art gallery in November

Raina also participated in the official opening of the show and met fans, peers, and kids!

Raina was on the front page of the Chronicle Herald Website with her work by Peter Parsons

Raina's work with Mark Anthony Ramsay photography was published in Mermaids and Mythology Winter 2011 Edition

Raina donated her services for an auction fundraiser to raise money for local Child Care Centre Point Pleasant Childcare. Here she is posing with the winning bidder who will receive a full mermaid birthday package in March

Raina worked hard to create many mermaid inspired educational resources like this one

January 2012
Raina supported her family that participated in the 2012 Polar Bear Dip raising funds for Feed Nova Scotia

Raina met with a local sparks group to talk about the environment and help the girls earn their badge! The girls had great ideas about beach clean ups and keeping the ocean healthy.

February 2012
Once again, Raina was delighted to donate her services to the annual MSVU Fountain Play Centre Children's Carnival. This center provides affordable childcare to students of MSVU.


Raina joined forces with fellow community member Mermaid Sirena to create a brand new e-magazine. The magazine features stories from the mermaid/man community all over the world. From tail making to important charities, worldwide events, and amazing books. You can read the first issue by clicking here

March 2012
Raina Debuted her brand new tail made by

Raina was featured as a contributing author on the debut issue of Mermaids

Raina did a birthday party for the auction winner from the earlier mentioned fundraiser.

Raina won Mermaid of The Month with Mermaid Minerals, winning free natural/Organic makeup and was features on their site

Raina went on a Mermaid tour of Florida! She met many other mers and had many photoshoots

April 2012
Raina finished the BEd program with a place on the Deans list at MSVU. She also finished teaching grade 5. Her students got to find out her secret!

Raina once again posed for the Halifax Dr Sketchy group, along with Mermaid Mimi

Raina was featured on the "My Disguises" blog

 May 2012

Raina did a variety of photoshoots to promote local ecological issues

Raina graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with her BEd

Raina did some special birthday parties!

Raina and her friend Richard launched a free online webcomic with some true and inspired stories from Raina's experience as a mermaid! (Raina is a big fan and supporter of comics!)

Raina reached 1700 fans on Facebook

Raina re-launched her online store

 June 2012

The second issue of Tail Flip was launched with several articles contributed by Raina

Raina volunteered and participated once again in World Oceans Day 2012 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Check out her June vlog for FAQ, news, and more

Raina was featured on the Cover of the Coast and with an article inside. She was photographed by Riley Smith, and you can read the article here.

You can also pick up physical copies of the paper all summer long all over the city. It's the "Hot Summer Guide" To see more photos click here.

Raina participated for a second year in a row in the Royal Bank Multicultural Festival. She spoke to children about mermaid myths from all over the world, the environment, recycling, and sharks. To see more photos click here

Raina continues to participate in special mermaid birthday parties. To see photo examples click here.

Raina was in the Tall Ships Parade on the Halifax Waterfront with the Pirates of Halifax!

July 2012
Raina held a beach "Mermaid meet and greet" at Rainbow Haven Beach with a great turn out!

                                                     Raina did MANY birthday parties!

Raina got a feature on art website

Raina met the Premiers of Canada, and got a photo published with the Premier of PEI

Premier Bob MacLeod of the Northwest Territories sharing a laugh

Raina was featured on the Sea and Be Scene website. Check out the link here

Raina participated in the Tall Ships Halifax Parade, and then again in the Lunenburg Tall Ships Festival

Raina was featured on the Casino Nova Scotia Pride Parade float "The Waves of Summer"

For a full up-to-date list of Raina news and events please click here 
Raina performed and participated in the annual Mahone Bay Pirate Festival

Raina was awarded a signed CD from Joel Plaskett for participating in a music video contest. Her video was featured on his website.

Raina launched "Raina Creations" and they will soon be for sale. It features recycled and upcycled jewelery and accessories.

Raina introduced a new mermaid to her troupe- Mermaid Ama! Ama is in training and will hopefully be joining on more professional roles in the future.

Raina did a photoshoot for Fan-Plastic Eco Accessories and collaborated with many talented artists. The acessories are all made from recycled plastic BY HAND.

Raina was drawn by talented comic book artist David Ayala

Raina got to meet and enjoy some music with Canadian singer Matt Mays!


September started off with a bang including a photoshoot in Prince Edward Island

Raina spoke to new pre-service teachers at Mount Saint Vincent University on a panel.

Raina launched her new blog and participated in birthday parties and several photo shoots.

Raina participated in an Ask me Anything on Reddit, and added a new tail made by Mermaid Creations Inc to her tail family.

 Raina made it to 2500 fans on FB and Raina also got to me Famous Canadian Film maker Rob Stewart. Rob is known for his film Sharkwater. Raina got to see an early screening of his new film "Revolution" set for release on Earth Day

Tail Flip Issue #4 Was published and included several articles by Raina

Introducing.. the Ocean's Entourage! Made up of Fanplastic Girl, Raina, and Sola. We have joined forces to fight the evil plastic pollution! Drawn by David Ayala

October 2012

Raina is featured in the new Fanplastic Girl Comic Project: Ocean's Entourage with Fanplastic Girl and Sola. Drawn by David Ayala. Check the link monthly for updates. The Ocean's Entourage was also mentioned on the Captain Planet Blog.

Raina and her super hero friends
Raina is featured on the Glass Dharma (glass straws) blog here. Raina promotes glass straws as a replacement to single use straws. Less plastic pollution for the win!

Raina was hired to be a mermaid in Jon Mullane's latest music video: New American Girl. It premiered this month, Raina can be seen at the 1:57 mark

Raina participated in a Mermaid Meet Up During Hal-con

November 2012
Raina was interviewed in The Weekly Paper. Click here to read!

Raina published images from a September photoshoot with Brian Larter

A behind the scenes video was published from Jon Mullane featuring Raina. Click here to watch it

 The Halifax Pride Parade aired on Eastlink TV Click this link to watch a clip ft Raina

 Clay Mermaid did a feature on Raina

Raina was featured in Scotiapreneur Online Magazine. Click here to read

Raina supports Movember!

 December 2012
Raina had the really cool experience of being made into a doll (Barbie Raina!) by Mermaid Stephanie

Tail Flip Issue #4 was published with several articles contributed by Raina

Raina announced that she will be publishing a book on the topic of beng a mermaid in 2013! Here she is working away on it

Mermaid Ama officially joined Raina's team as a mermaid for hire!

Raina posed for the very talented Mike McCarthy Photographic

David Ayala drew a Christmas Card featuring Raina Mermaid, Fanplastic Girl Gear, and Gac Filters!

Raina and Mermaid Ama did several birthday parties and put together a neat youtube video showing what a party can be like when you rent or purchase mermaid tails for children. We'll be offering mermaid tails for kids in 2013.

Raina put together a 2012 mermaid video year in review to reflect upon the last year!

Raina also put together a 20 minute video of mermaid swimming and performing. (Different video from above but same thumbnail)

January 2013

Mermaid Ama joined facebook and then took part in the 2013 New Years Polar Bear Dip!

 Mermaid Raina and Mermaid Ama continue to do Mermaid Birthday Parties at indoor pools all month long.

Raina recieved some lovely pieces from Raven Mermaid's Etsy

Raina reached 3000 fans on Facebook, thanks for your support!

Raina was a guest lecturer at MSVU and gave a talk to the Child and Youth Studies program about the role of play. Of course, she had to get some silly photos with the profs!

Raina created  a fun meditation video for you, to help you reconnect with the ocean.

 February 2013

Raina announced she will be publishing a book this spring!

Raina met up with mermaid Ama and Mermaid Mimi to host a private swim for supporters!

Raina and Ama did LOADS of mermaid parties!

Raina was feature on the MSVU website as part of their "Be Something Big" campaign.

Raina teamed up with Canadian TV show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" to produce their own Harlem Shake Viral video. (click name if video below does not work in your area)

Raina got to hang out back stage and meet the cast too. She even ran into the president of her university!

 March 2013

 Raina and Ama were super busy doing many birthday parties during March. Check out this video tutorial they made on mermaid makeup!

Raina announced more details about her book! Check out the pending table of contents...

Our awesome t-shirts arrived just in time to get down to mer-business!

We also got our giant posted in the mail, woowhoo!

In conclusion: lots and I mean, LOTS of parties...

April 2013

Mermaid Ama celebrated her 16th Birthday!

Raina did a special 40th Birthday- did you know you can book mermaids for adult parties too?

Mermaid Naida made her first mer-appearance!

Parties, Parties... and MORE Parties! Hehe

Tail Flip Issue #5 Was published! Read it Here

Did you know Raina does mermaid makeovers? Check it out...

Raina, Ama, and Mer-wrangler Sean got into the Studio to take promo photos for her book, and the cover images for her book. Check out some of the results!

May 2013

Raina and Mermaid Mimi made an appearance at the Children's Wish Foundation: Princess Tea, and also did an outdoor photo shoot together

Raina published her book "Fishy" Business: How to be a Mermaid. It sold 50 copies in the first day and she held an online launch party. If you'd like to purchase the book, click here.

 Raina's tail was sent to Florida to be touched up and taken in. Check out the awesome result!

Raina was interviewed once again for the I am a Mermaid blog, but the talented author Carolyn Turgeon. You can read the interview here. 

June 2013

Once again, mermaids were very busy with private bookings all month long. You  can see lots of photos on our FB page

 Raina launched her Youtube documentary series about being a mermaid. You can watch the whole thing on her youtube channel, start here with video #1

Mermaid Raina once again, along with mermaid Naida, experienced World Ocean's Day. This time, Naida and Raina were at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to teach, and Ama came to the Discovery Centre with Raina to teach!

Raina also got to join forces with Mermaid Mimi for a few birthday parties!

Raina hit 4000 fans on facebook. And over 800 on twitter, over 1000 on tumblr, and over 2000 subscribers on DA. Thanks so much to everyone for supporting!